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  • Lesson One: Deep Dive On What’s A Probate

    Within this lesson, you’ll be shown the step-by-step probate process and why it’s important you know the timelines. You’ll know the perfect time for getting involved, and how to get probates at rock bottom prices. This is the difference maker that allows you to gain access to probates before everyone else made aware they exist.

  • Lesson Two: Creating Your Investing Empire

    Discover what the top one percent do to create amazing, profitable businesses within a short period. This mind-blowing lesson pulls back the curtains on what it takes to create a business plan, execute your plan, and see an immediate impact within a short period. The most important of your business is the foundation. You’ll be able to lay a secure foundation so you can have deals closing month after month like clockwork.

  • Lesson Three: Grabbing Your Cash Buyers

    Learn how to find ready, willing, and able cash buyers so you can quickly sell your properties for massive profits. The secret sauce in this lesson is finding hungry cash buyers you can depend on when you have a new deal to sell. You’ll know exactly what to do to create a list of 5-10 real cash buyers that can pull the trigger quickly. Gain valuable insider information for knowing who a legit investor with capital to spend on properties is compared to someone that is just a tire kicker.

  • Lesson Four: Finding The Profitable Probate Deals

    Use the most cutting-edge strategies for finding probates anywhere across the country with just a few simple mouse clicks. You can use many the deal finding strategies taught within this lesson from the comfort of your own home (or coffee shop). We show you several free strategies for finding, contacting, contracting, and closing deals lightning fast.

  • Lesson Five: Determining What’s A Deal

    The most important part of knowing if you have a deal is knowing if your numbers make sense. In this lesson, we make it drop dead simple for evaluating deals using our deal maker calculator and using the Due Diligence checklist to ensure you have a profitable deal. The tools given in this section can be the difference of you making $1,000 on a deal compared to $10,000.

  • Lesson Six: 5 Money Making Exit Strategies

    This lesson will give you the insights to select which exit strategy will be best for every single transaction. The great thing about each exit strategy discussed is that each one doesn’t require your cash or credit. In this lesson, you’ll have a complete blueprint walking you through each exit strategy so you can feel confident heading to the closing table signing papers and collecting your check.

Click Here to Get Started »YES! I'll Take Liquidate the Estate for only $97 Today!

box30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Secure Checkout